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Cubele Poker Wordle

Cubele Wordle is a great Wordle alternative for you.

Mahjongle Wordle daily game

How to play Pokerle Wordle?

Guess 5 moves to solve the cube. Moves are represented in Singmaster Notation where each letter represents a face.

(U)p, (D)own, (F)ront, (B)ack, (L)eft, (R)ight For simplicity, F is Blue and R is Orange for this cube.

A given letter means the face should be turned clockwise 90° (while facing it). A prime mark (′) after the letter means it should be turned anti-clockwise 90°, and a square (²) means it should be turned 180°.

Green: the move is in the correct spot
Blue: the face is correct but wrong amount of turning
Yellow: the face is used but in the wrong spot
Otherwise, the face is not used at all

Wordle is a word-guessing game that has become popular in Europe and America. It was developed by a software engineer named Josh Wardle who lives in Brooklyn, USA. The game was initially developed as a small experiment to please Josh Wardle's girlfriend, but it became popular among his friends and family, so he decided to release this puzzle game online.

The gameplay of Wordle is quite simple. Every day, it provides an English word consisting of five letters, and players have only six chances to guess the word. Wordle's name is a play on the developer's surname, combined with the word "Word". The game's mechanics combine the logic of the old-fashioned guessing game "Hangman" and the board game "Mastermind" . The gameplay of Wordle is super easy, but the challenge lies in the limited number of chances .

🟩 - Once you place a letter correctly, then future guesses must contain that same letter in the same position
🟨 - Once you place a correct letter in an incorrect location, then future guesses must contain that letter in a different location
⬜ - Once letters have been guessed and eliminated, then you can no longer use them